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Paris is always a good idea

I received my very first Emirates roster today, and I simply cannot wipe the smile off my face.

My first flight is next week and will be on the A380 to PARIS, FRANCE! I am so in love with the city of love and what makes it even better is that my sister will be there to meet me. I plan to indulge in a Jerome Dreyfuss bag, some seriously good coffee and croissants, and intend on taking a big box of Laduree macaroons back to Dubai with me.

Following Paris, my month only gets better with a second layover in SAO PAULO, BRAZIL. I have never been to South America, so this was actually my number 2 must-see destination, after Spain. I’m extremely grateful that I’ve managed to score a Brazilian layover in my first month. What am I looking forward to? A nice hearty, meaty meal. Personally, I feel like we are a little deprived in Dubai when it comes to the quality of the meat available in supermarkets. Perhaps I have been a touch spoiled back in Australia. Anyway, apparently the meat and grills in Brazil are to die for, so this is something I definitely will need to check out myself.

Finally I have what I expect will be a relaxing layover in MANILA, PHILIPPINES. Maybe I’ll use this one to get a massage and my nails done, but we will see 😉

I still have to survive my final week of training, so, until then stay tuned… x


Hump day

Happy hump day beautiful people.

This week feels like it has been an absolute eternity. Thankful that I have finally finished Security Training and now only have two more weeks until I start flying and travelling the world. 

Work hard and play hard. x


Atelier M

Spring may have sprung, but it’s feeling a lot like summer in Dubai. For the Lionel Richie concert after party at Atelier M last night, I ended up channeling the sunny weather by opting for this simple yet gorgeous yellow Zara dress, with metallic accessories to finish the look.







Olivia Palermo

Doing it right with denim on denim. x


Sheer Glow

I was waiting for a friend in the streets of Dubai yesterday when a girl stopped me, complimented me on my skin and asked if it could be attributed to either good genetics or a seriously good product. So, that’s when I came clean about my love affair with my Nars Sheer Glow foundation, and I feel like I should share it with you now.

Me and this baby have been going strong for 3 years. I’ll admit – I find it hard to commit because I love to constantly try new beauty products. I have often contemplated that the grass is greener on the other side and very nearly strayed to a neat tube of Armani Face Fabric or Chanel Vitalumiere. But stray, I did not.

Being a beauty addict and having indulged in more free mini-makeovers than I care to admit, I know that this little bottle of dewy, light-reflecting goodness I hold in my hot little hand is as good as it gets. I really believe that this foundation is the creme de la creme. I travel a lot and am required to wake up at the crack of dawn and work long days. As a result, I am prone to looking a little sleep deprived and withdrawn.

I repurchased the Sheer Glow foundation in the shade ‘Santa Fe’ and whenever I apply it, a lovely glow and sense of ‘freshness’ is re-instilled onto my skin. The coverage is flawless – it literally melts into my skin and blends very well, giving a perfect natural look that can be worn everyday. Although I’m open to new things, it’s safe to say I am yet to find a worthy foundation to replace it with.



Happy St Patrick’s day!

I know I’ve been a little absent lately and that my blog posts have been sporadic and lacking, however this is not without good cause. <P>

I moved to Dubai last Friday, so as you can imagine the past few weeks have been a whirlwind of emotions. I’ve busied myself with countless trips to the shops for an ever-increasing number of necessities, the challenging task of condensing my life into 50 kgs, adjusting to my new job and dealing with the inevitable culture shock.  

Just thought I would touch base anyway – I’ll update with a proper blog post once I return to my apartment.

Farah xx

Style feature: Corporate chic (the essentials)

Street style is all the rage at the moment. Now, I adore denim-anything, rag & bone booties and copious amounts of arm candy as much as the next fashion-crazed woman, but my problem is that I can’t exactly translate these pieces into my corporate wardrobe with ease.

When I see beautiful street style looks on my favourite blogs I am perpetually frustrated purely because I can only wear them twice a week – Saturday and Sunday (I.e. My days off).

Anyway I’ll cut to the chase – pretty much all of us have to work to make a living. And, I am certain that a large portion of us have to carry out said work in an office environment, with rules and guidelines regarding appropriate work attire to boot. I’ve managed to easily balance the requirement that my office attire be conservative against my desire to feel feminine and chic by investing in the following 3 pieces:

1. Pointy toe Valentino shoes


2. Structured Alexander Wang bag


3. Fitted pencil skirt


All images and products available at


I’m coming for ya, Dubai. Stay tuned.

Blue beauties

It happens all too often. Eyes widening, arms reaching, slightly salivating for yet another little black bag.

I constantly find myself being lulled into the false sense of security that comes with sporting a predominantly black get-up. But, when it comes to the 3.1 Philip Lim ‘Mini Pashli’, the Givenchy ‘Antigona’ and the Saint Laurent leather duffel, I can’t help but feel like my old faithful monochromatic hue just doesn’t quite cut it.

A navy or cobalt pop of colour nestled into the crook of your arm or slung casually over your shoulder is so striking, yet oozes nonchalance. Feast your eyes on these babies and remember to not let your fashion choices be dictated by the things that are purely comfortable or familiar to you. Pair them with a crisp blue chambray shirt and J Brand ‘Mercy’ ripped jeans. Want, want, want!


Saint Laurent Duffel here

Givenchy Antigona

3.1 Philip Lim Mini Pashli here

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